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Restrict character damaging serials by TV channels
For decades these TV serials have been showing vengeance, murders, cheating, exploitation and many more unsocial deeds. These serials are affecting the morale of our next generation. Time has come for all of us to join hands and raise a protest to stop these type of entertainment programmes.

For last couple of years, I have been observing the stories of the Bengali TV serials that are aired by different channels which are not from Bengal. It is unfortunate that these serials are gravely damaging the Bengali culture. Character assassination, jealousy, impractical stories of murder for gains are becoming rampant.

Using innocent children to portray characters which they should not be enacting, will only affect their psychological behaviour in a negative manner in the future. Children who view these serials are even more affected.

Quite often, such type of arrogant behaviour can also be observed in buses while travelling. The root cause of all these dialogues can be traced back to TV serials. It is bound to affect not only the upbringing of these child actors but also the innocent child audience, affecting their psychology. These TV serials also negatively impact the society, especially teenagers, young men & woman, and children.

These serials use words like "dibbi" for exploiting children to full extent. Is it practically possible? It is purely child abuse. Is it necessary to show them on TV soaps?

In one serial, a child runs away from the village to find her lost father. Facing many imaginary and impractical odds she finds her father. She decides to stay with him forever. To remain with him at any cost, she starts telling lies even to her well wishers. The father at one time seems too intelligent and at another time acts like a fool ignoring the facts that are happening in the next room. Although the father has the privilege to stop the girl from being legally adopted, claiming himself as her biological father, but he firmly believes that the child is a fraud and a cheat. Is it possible in practical life? Will any child remain withstanding of all such tortures?

She is taken on a beach of the river Ganges by the wife of a famous singer, who coaxes her to sing in spite of a warning by her father. Although the wife and daughter of the singer are standing a little further away while listening to the girl's songs, people coming and going, paying money fail to notice the wife and daughter of a famous singer standing a couple of yards away. People report to the singer about the girl singing but forget to mention about his wife and daughter. What message is the director trying to convey to the children of Bengal? May I know?

Again in another serial, a wife wants to divorce her husband just for divorce' sake. Earlier, this girl had underwent lots of accidents and was always rescued successfully by her husband. Can any girl be so ungrateful? Will ever a girl leave the security of a closely knit family? Will the director clarify?

In the same serial, the sister of the girl enters the dressing room of a packed auditorium, injures the heroine by changing her dress and leaves the place scot-free and returns back to the auditorium. Is it possible?

Again, in another serial, although a marriage is being performed with Bengali rituals, traditional Gujarati dancing and singing is shown. Does the director want to decimate Bengali tradition?

Again, albeit drinking liquor or publicising it is prohibited, but in these serials, heroes are seen rampantly indulging in drinking. Few years back, it was ordered that such scenes should be avoided. And even if such scenes are shown, a flash of information that drinking is injurious to health needs to be displayed. Producers and directors are disregarding this order of the government.

I am protesting against these Bengali serials as all the TV channels are not from Bengal and hence are unaware of Bengali culture. They are routinely trying to destroy the character of the Bengali youth by broadcasting serials which will hamper the morality of Bengalis. They escape by flashing a small caption at the start of the serial which absolves them of all legal complications.

From this column I appeal to all the sensible viewers to come forward and join hands to raise a protest to mend the TV serials and force them to keep the morality of our society.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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